A fear

A fear that takes over her whole body, 
for a short moment, 
her body and her soul overwritten 
with fear 
shivers and shakes 
until she takes a leap 
of faith 
a little jump 
into the unknown 
gaining her whole world 
never to look back 
with you she will share 
her story 
and all she has 
and though she doesn’t have much 
to show you 
she has peace 
she has freedom 
and she has love 
and when she turned
to look at the path
that she had walked
she saw twists and turns
and circling loops 
unsettled and fearful 
in silence she sat
and glimpsed 
in the distance 
where twists became stars 
and circles were planets
and then she realised 
that just like the moon 
we all move in phases 

yoga pose in nature
yoga pose in nature
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yoga pose in nature
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yoga pose in nature
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