Meet Holly

“Love yourself…This can become the foundation of a radical transformation” – Buddah

Teaching Style and Classes

Fascinated by anatomy, I appreciate that every single body is so beautifully unique, and that what is right for one person may not be beneficial for another. Therefore, I don't believe that there is only one correct or "perfect" alignment to be found within each asana. Instead, alignment and my directional cues change depending on the unique body of the practitioner(s) and what the particular flow that I am teaching has been designed to focus on and achieve.  

I am an advocate of positive psychology. My most profound teachings are about self-love and self-worth, I encourage my students to build upon and nourish their relationship with themselves. You are so worthy of your dreams; together we will nurture your dreams and values with meaningful purpose, mindfulness, courage and intention. 

Classes may also include pranayama techniques, mindfulness and meditation. I love to incorporate my learnings in philosophy and positive psychology to help guide my students towards their higher purpose. 

Vinyasa and Energising Flows

My Vinyasa flows are energising and creative breath-led asana sequences; designed to challenge and achieve growth and improvement in all of my students, whatever their experience level may be.

In my Vinyasa flows, every posture and movement cue has been built into the sequence for a reason. We are generally working towards a specific posture or focusing on a specific body part, to cultivate strength and to be able to achieve methodical improvement. 

Slow Flow Yin

This is a Yin inspired session, which combines slow flow with the longer yin holds. The pace is much slower than my Vinyasa flows, and the stretches a little deeper. The longer holds can be supported with props, such as pillows, blankets, bolsters or blocks.

Physically this class has been designed to enhance flexibility alongside strength, as well as finding mobility and openness.

Emotionally and spiritually, we go deep. This is where we really go in, we find stillness in the mind and invite connectivity between the mind and the body.

Music and Yoga

I love to combine my passion for music with movement. I make specific playlists for my classes so that we can flow to the beat. The playlists are designed to enhance vibration and synchronize breath and movement with the beat. To find yoga beyond the asana, as we connect inwards. 

In addition to science, it has been the belief of many, including ancient yogis, and the likes of Wim Hoff and the world’s best athletes, that controlling the breath can bring mastery over the body's immune, nervous systems, and ultimately, the most powerful tool we have - the mind. 

Here are a selection of my playlists - please feel free to listen, like, and share.

Learning and Certificates

I am hungry to learn and keep my teaching in line with current and continuously updating science. I love to constantly update my knowledge of anatomy and the modern human body, learning from physios, specialists, and my own yoga teachers. 

My Certifications

  • Yoga Alliance Certified, 200H YTT led by School Yoga Institute, April 2018

  • Yoga Anatomy and Physiology 20H CPD led by Andrew McGonigle, January 2019 

  • Teaching Kids Yoga 8HTT led by Fiore Cosignani, February 2019 

  • Anatomy of Arm Balances  8HTT led by Leslie Kaminoff, November 2019 

  • Sequencing - 4H Workshop Led by Adam Husler, Online, June 2020

  • Yin Yoga Teach Training Course - 80H led by Vedansha Yoga Academy, April 2020 

  • Skill and Understanding - 5H Workshop Led by Adam Husler, September 2020

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