Freedom to speak 
Freedom of knowing
Freedom of feeling 
Freedom of growing 
You being free 
And me being too 
Freedom is special 
And so are you
I see you
I see you 
Over there in the red 
I see you 
Busy mind, busy head 
I hear you 
Beautiful breath; strong and pure 
I hear you 
Beautiful laugh; over by the door 
I’m here for you 
Trust in me and I’ll trust in you 
I’m here for you 
I’ll hold this space if you will too 
I’ll touch you 
But not with my hands, with my heart and my voice 
I’ll touch you 
You’ll come into your peace, away from the noise 
I promise you 
Your mind will be clearer and stronger and calmer 
I promise you 
with wisdom and peace, you’ll tackle the drama 
I’ll support you 
In finding your edge and playing with balance 
I’ll support you 
I’m here for it all, through the fun and the challenge 
I see you 
You shine so bright, my beautiful star 
I see you 
You’re brighter than Pluto, and Venus and Mars 
You are enough 
Firstly, you are not alone, 
but you, alone are enough. 
and please know that it’s ok not to be ok, 
we place so much pressure
on ourselves 
to look, and feel a certain way. 
what if we let go of self judgement, 
what if we let go of caring what others might think? 
and in that moment,
we learn to live in our true power, 
in our true strength 
we found freedom
when we learnt to honour and love
every single part of ourselves,
even the parts that we have been conditioned to hate 
and then we watch that love ripple out to the world.

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