Corporate, Private and Events

Corporate Classes

Yoga can help to reduce stress levels and body tensions to sooth desk bodies. 

I am passionate about teaching yoga and mindfulness in the world of business. With a background in the investment banking world, I understand and have felt first hand for myself, how much benefit yoga can bring during the working day. 

For me, yoga became a way of letting go of tension and finding vision and clarity, which translated into a calm outlook and efficient approach at work. Inevitably, it also helped with posture and physical health.

In addition to the weekly yoga class option for companies (at their time/day of choice), I also offer bespoke workshops, which can be related to your topic of choice and designed specifically to the interests of your company. 

Class and Workshop Options:

If you are interested in booking a workshop for your company, here are some of the classes I offer, with workshops starting at £80.

Private Classes

It is my pleasure to dedicate a small number of classes per week to private tuition, where we can break down your specific goals.
Private classes can also be booked for small groups of friends, for an occasion, for couples and for families.

Benefits of Private Classes

  • We break down your specific goals
  • You will learn about posture alignments for your unique body
  • We can explore prevention and healing of injury
  • We will meet you at your specific level to enhance
  • Focus and concentration
  • Strengthen the weak areas of your body
  • Open the tight areas of your body
  • Find freedom in the body and mind
  • Peace and calm

Prices start at £60 per session one-hour session for an individual.

I base my prices on £1 per minute for a one to one, subject to travel time. I adjust the price depending on the length of the class and the size of the private group. 


I travel to events to teach yoga to larger groups. Anything from festivals, marketing events, parties, or simply a bunch of friends that want to have a big group yoga session.

Prices begin at £80 and will depend on travel, size of the group and class duration.

A group of people doing yoga in front of tents.

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